Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: 1390g

Well. Was I ever a Happy Father for Fathers Day yesterday. I got back from Vancouver and visited Jade with Theresa.

She’s now about 3 lbs 4oz.

She’s looking more and more like a cute little chubby baby. She grew an amazing 80g in one day on Saturday! She lost 8g yesterday I believe so that’s good… don’t want to grow too fast.

She’s being fed from a bottle twice a day now. She’s not needing quite as much oxygen, or as high an air flow as she did before her last transfusion (sp?) so we’re hoping that’s a sign of good progress.

I got a funny email from my Aunt Viv on Friday about her grandchild and a certain messy mishap with diaper contents being spread willy nilly. Well, I think Jade took the cue because on Saturday she tricked the nurse into taking off her diaper then made a bit of a major mess. Luckily the nurse thought it was just as funny as we did. Theresa and I will be waiting for the same to happen to us.

In other news… we got a whole bunch of laminate flooring last week. I managed to put 450 sqft of flooring into my little Echo hatchback plus me, Theresa and my Mom! It was quite the feat. I wouldn’t subject the poor schocks to it again, but it sure was nice to get it all back at once. I’ll probably starting putting down the laminate in the dining room, living room and upstairs bath next week.

In not-so-good-news. I don’t have my camera with me right now because it was lost in the wildness of my friends Stag party on the weekend. We had a great time, but unfortunately, we lost track of my bag with my clothes and camera. So I won’t be getting it back until Canada day probably. Until then I’ll try to borrow a camera so that I can take pictures and keep everyone updated.

Have a great week!


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