Happy Birthday Jade!!:1210g

Jade is One Month old today!

Hooray for little Jade!

I’m sure if she could speak she’d thank you all and then rattle off some hilarious one-liner (cuz she’s got a great sense of humour ya know 😉 )… but she can’t quite speak yet. So I’ll just say thanks for her!

Happy Birthday to Jade
Happy Birthday to Jade
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Jade!!

She’s doing pretty well lately. The doctors had to give her another blood transfusion though because she hasn’t been producing enough hemoglobin (the stuff that lets your blood carry oxygen) to keep the doctors happy. She’s 1210g.. that’s just under 2lbs 11oz.

She’s filling out more and more… don’t worry, I’ll have more pictures from tonight. We bought her a little bear to sit in her incubator (along with the other nice little things she got from relatives!).

She’s getting a new TUQUE that fits her… we’ve had a few attempts but so far all of the touques have been two sizes too big (or too small)! That’s ok though cuz we’ll get to use them as she grows!

ANyway, I have to go get ready to go see my little Jade!

I’ll talk to you soon….


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