Apnea free: 1316g

2lbs 14.5oz! She grew 70g in one day yesterday!!! (that’s almost 3oz)

Hey everybody! It’s been an exciting couple days! From her birthday until last night at 10PM Jade had only had ONE Brady and no Apneas! This is compared to the 5 or 6 a day that she would have before!

It’s nice to see her doing so well. We’re guessing it has a lot to do with the 2nd blood transfusion that they gave her on Thursday. But she’s breathing really well too… so all in all things are pretty good.

The Ladies (that’d be Jade and Grandma Jensen) are doing some amazing work in Jades bedroom. I’ve taken pictures and I’ll get them online asap.

So at this rate, Jade is going to hit the magic 2000g mark pretty fast. The only other factors that will keep her in the hospital will be her body temperature, whethere she has any Apneas or Bradys (she can’t ahve any at all)… and of course any other medical things that the doctors might find.

We’re still thinking end of July… but who knows… might be earlier!

Oh ya.. and you might have noticed the changes on the left hand side. I’ve seperated out the pictures and movies and I’ve made all my movies much more accessible. They should be much easier to watch now, and alot faster. Just click on the little dropdown menu and select the movie you want and a window should pop up with the movie inside.

If you want to see another movie, make sure you CLOSE the Movie window… then select another movie.



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