Mom improves more

Well, I went in today and found Theresa up and happily chatting with her Mom. Within a few minutes of me getting there the Nurse came in and announced she was moving the the “Mother/Babe” area of the hospital (where the new moms usually go after having their baby).

Her blood pressure had gone down and they deemed her stable enough to make the move so off we went.

She’s feeling much better today and is noticeable less swollen. She can actually close her fists again! (Yes it was really that bad).

As for Jade. She’s doing well too. The hormones they gave her when she was first born have now completely worn off so she was having a little trouble breathing on her own this morning. So they’ve put her back on the little breather device and she’s getting 35% oxygen. She was sleeping peacefully when I went in to see her so she’s doing great.

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