Two Steps Forward…

One step back.

Well yesterday was a big day.. T got to wash up and see Baby Jade.
Today we moved out of the AntePartum ward and into Mother/Babe… we even got rid of all the nasty tubes.

Unfortunately this afternoon Theresas’ BP went up again and stayed up, so no visit to Jade today. That was hard. I think harder now because she’s finally seen her once.

So, we take solace that we’ve made a ton of progress today. Theresa looks and feels better than she has in over a week. Hopefully tomorrow that trend continues.

Jade followed in a similar pattern today. She’s still doing great… awesome in fact. As of 9PM she was about 756g (up from 740 yesterday), so that’s awesome. She slept most of the day. We got her blood work results back and everything looked perfect except for a little bilirubin which is the cause of Jaundice. Totally expected and nothing to worry about… so now Jade is getting a little tan under some little billy-lights.

They changed her respirator so that it uses a tiny little mask instead of those nasty little nose prongs that were two sizes too big.

Oh ya.. and I got the nurse to measure her today. They didn’t measure her when she was born…

She is 34.5cm or about 13.5in (1ft 1.5in) from head to stretched toe.

Just a little bigger than your standard wooden ruler… amazing.

Oh Ya. Daddy got to do fun things today!
I swabbed out Jades mouth, had to get rid of all those dry little saliva bits!
I’m also official delivery/transport boy for Moms’ milk to Babys’ fridge. Considering how much Jade will be eating at each feeding, we probably already have enough for 10 days!

Alright… Dad needs sleep.


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