A few months ago I was starting to plan how I could travel across Canada with the minimum amount of CO2 emissions. Flying is so easy and cheap but the CO2 emissions are a huge concern for me (and hopefully for everyone concerned about climate change). Below is a Twitter Thread I did at the time detailing the carbon emissions of driving, compared to flying, and train.

The most interesting part was the different carbon footprints of electricity across Canada. It made a big impact on whether driving an EV was CO2-competitive with flying. Also, small turbo-prop airplanes are amazingly efficient, and BC Ferries is Not.

There are two threads, here is the first:


And here is the second:


Below is the spreadsheet — sorry it’s not more refined. I hope to work on it a little more after our EVCrossCanada trip in July when I have some real world numbers to work with.

If you have any thoughts or questions or contributions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments. Would love to hear about ways to improve this tracking.

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