Dear Editor,

Promoting active, healthy lifestyles, building paths and trails or walkways beside the water or railway. It is all a wonderful way to connect the community and public transit is a key, and very affordable, part of it so that you can go from A to B all by the same means no matter where you are.

Imagine a senior walking or rolling a few metres to their nearest bus stop on Faber or Beaver Creek road. Saying hi to the bus driver that they have come to know so well that the driver calls out when it’s their stop at the Dyke, or one of the Quays, or at the pool or Bob Dailey.

No need to worry about driving in traffic that can seem intimidating even in our little City.  Imagine having a midday medical appointment in Parksville or Nanaimo and being able to hop on the early bus on Cherry Creek road and ending up at the office in an hour or two with none of the stress or cost of the highway.

As a 20 year veteran customer of public transit I can assure you, dear reader, it is not a scary place. It is full of friendly people, welcoming, and calming. Even this spring it was the first place I saw people wearing masks for COVID long before it was mandatory. It’s a place where people get to know and take care of each other. Just like the rest of our community.

Expanding Public Transit in and around Port Alberni is truly something that will bring great pleasure and opportunity to everyone it touches.  I do hope we see it expanded soon.


Chris Alemany

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