June 6 is the 75th Anniversary of the DDay landings in Normandy.

In honour of this anniversary, I thought I would make a post about my wife Theresa’s grandfather, George W. Johnston.

You might remember him from a very nice story that appeared in 2014 about a collector, Jordan Chiasson, finding and returning the helmet he wore in Europe.When George passed away in 2015 he willed the helmet to the man. Jordan has become a friend of the family.

George was part of the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment. He was in B Company which landed on the leftmost side of Juno Beach closest to St. Aubin-sur-Mer.

Image from the excellent http://www.junobeach.info

One of the most famous archival videos of that morning was recorded by George’s compatriots in A Company.

We’re not sure if George was on the beach that morning or not, he did not talk much about his time in the war but just today we have found some new pictures of him. So, in honour of him, and all the Canadian soldiers who fought in Normandy and throughout WWII, here are those pictures.

Private George Johnston is crouching, bottom left.

Lest We Forget the sacrifices of those who did and did not return.

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