Update: rather than making a new post, here is the link to the broadcast for tonight’s council meeting. Tune in Live! I will post the final link at the end of the night for later review.

The question by a number of people at the booth during the Fall Fair went something like this:

aircanadabiofuel“We are snowbirds.  We are set to fly south before the first of November.  Can we still vote?”

I’ve talked to the City Clerk, Davina Hartwell who is Chief Election Officer.  Unfortunately, the answer is for 2014 you can only vote on the designated Advanced Voting days, November 5th and 12th at City Hall and Echo Centre respectively, or the main Local Government Election Day, November 15th at the Athletic Hall.

There is no opportunity to mail in a ballot this year.

The good news is Davina has indicated that starting in the next election in 2018, voting will be held in October instead of November in part to deal with this issue.

So while it is a shame people will no doubt feel dis-enfranchised yet again this time around, it is good to see there is change coming for next time.

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