The Fall Fair is almost here!

A couple of fellow councillor hopefuls, Sharie Marie Minions, Annette Clement, and myself have joined forces to put together a booth at the Fall Fair!  Update: Malcolm Menninga is going to be at the booth too!  The More the Merrier!


We will be right by the main doors!

We will be there to chat  and hear what your issues are in town. We will have info about this November’s election including times and places in addition to having our own info there too.

This isn’t an announcement of a “slate” or anything like that. We are all independent of each other. We just wanted to work together to try to get out there in the community (on a budget!) and the three of us managed to make it work.

So please come check us out!  We will be in Glenwood Centre starting on Thursday evening and running right through to the close on Sunday.  Please come ask questions of us.

We are all committed to be there for as long as humanly possible.  It’s going to be a loooong weekend sitting at that table.  So please come keep us company!  We might even have a little prize draw and some ‘swag’ for kids.

See you soon!  Looks like it’s going to be great weather for the fair too.

2 replies on “Come see me, Sharie and Annette and now Malcolm at the Fall Fair!”

  1. Great! I look forward to seeing you there. I have some questions for you regarding your stand on greening PA. Thanks.

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