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At the last Council meeting Telus detailed their significant investments in both wired and wireless infrastructure in the Valley. This comes on the heels of Shaw making their big investment in the Valley a few years back which enabled the world-class “Neptune” scientific facility to be built.

It is long past time our City start looking to industries outside what might be our comfort coworkingzones of forestry and resource extraction. Other cities nearby like Parksville and Nanaimo have world-class technology companies providing excellent careers in the knowledge economy. These aren’t big flashy or giant sites that you’re going to immediately pick out. They are often in small office spaces but they can have a huge presence online, and a big impact on the local economy. These are true entrepreneurs who build their business over time from 1 or 2, to 4 or 5 employees, to dozens. There are also a growing number of people who work for bigger technology companies but do so remotely, so they can live wherever they like.

The uptown area especially could provide some incredible office space with views of the City and inlet, shops nearby and the waterfront on the doorstep, that could really attract these kinds of small-to-medium size internet businesses. Now that we have the technical infrastructure, it’s time we start getting our name out there to sell our community as a lifestyle destination for those companies and the people who work for them. All it takes is for the first couple to come here… word spreads fast online.



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