Is Canada more important to Obama than Iraq?

Back in February there was much consternation and gnashing of teeth that somehow Canada was getting short shrift when Obama only visited Canada for 6 hours. The National Post was practically weeping at the thought of Obama not even leaving the customs area of Ottawa Airport.

Well, rest assured fellow hosers, by the same measure, the US cares about Iraq even less than us. He spent a measly 4 hours in Baghdad, and no, he didn’t even leave the Airport.

This is of course meant all in jest. Obama will do what Obama feels it is right to do and frankly I don’t think it matters one iota how much time he spends in one place vs. another. That said, honestly, if I was the Iraqi President or PM, I would be a *little* miffed at the missed opportunity for a photo-op… but really… they couldn’t get to the Airport within 4 hours?

Given the choice which would you leave, Baghdad or Ottawa International?

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