Energy Independance model for Vancouver Island to Follow

The BBC has a video here… WIth the Wind, Tidal, Run-of-River, and yes, even Solar potential available on and around Vancouver Island, there is no reason we could not do the same as El Hierro in the Canaries and be completely self-sufficient in power generation not only for electricity for our homes and businesses, but for fuel for transport as well.

It has taken them 10 years of planning.

If we start now we could do it in 10 years and maybe avoid the worst of the oil shocks that are ahead.

We’re not going to do it with *either* of our current political parties…

This is an Island of 10,000. What if a City or Region like Port Alberni, Tofino, Ucluelet and Bamfield joined forces to implement a vision for their residents? 30,000 working together to end dependance on fossil fuels.

It could happen… it will happen… it must happen.

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