Global Warming in Port Alberni

A little while ago I found an Environment Canada page where you could find daily EC weather reports in or near Port Alberni… including one from Beaver Creek that went back as far as 1901 (for temperatures).

Here’s that EC page. Just type Alberni into the search field and hit Search and it will give you all the stations.

It also gives the exact location of each station when you select it.

Anyway, I wanted to consolidate all of it and stick it on a graph to see if “Global Warming” is happening here.

So after more than a few hours of work… here it is:
Century Climate Record in Port Alberni
The coloured lines are the actual data from the different stations… they are all in different locations, so [B]small[/B] variations should be expected.

I drew the black line manually overtop as a sort of best fit to see the trend trying to keep it as true as possible…

One thing I noticed immediately was the station from 1901 was very extreme… as were the other early stations… after 1950 or so, the data starts to agree with itself a lot better as well as be much less extreme which I think speaks to better instruments and/or measuring standards.

Oh, and please ignore the colours of the lines… Excel is a real PITA when it comes to multiple series in a graph so it didn’t layer them the way I wanted. But the order of the names in the legend are roughly the order of the earliest recording stations from left to right and top to bottom.

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