Coalition or Election

The past week has been a truly historic one in Ottawa, Canada. For the first time in Canadian history, a group of Canada’s Federal political parties have decided to put aside their differences and form a temporary coalition that will defeat the party with the most seats in this Minority Parliament and ask the Governor General to allow them to form government instead without an Election.

I can not help but be overjoyed with this.

I understand completely the angst of the ruling party when they complain that this would not be in keeping with the result of the Election.

I understand completely the fear of partisans within the coalition that think their parties platform could be diluted and usurped by a stronger or more radical party.

I understand completely the disgust that many have that a Federal Government would enlist the support of a Seperatist party whose outright goal is the division of Canada as a member, even if only in tacit support, of the ruling government.

And I completely understand the exasperation of many, that the antics in Ottawa are simply out of control and not in touch with the needs of Canadians.

To all those I say this. Take a step back. This is Canada. This is our Democracy. Canadians have a reputation worldwide for making compromises and working well in difficult situations. For too many years, our Parliament has been ravaged by bickering and partisanship. This, I believe, at its heart, is an attempt to restore the workings of Parliament and make it function for Canadians again, rather than to serve the party in Power.

Be proud Canada. We have a vibrant, interesting, and absolutely legitimate democracy at work.

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