Calculating Commuting Costs for Victoria BC

This is a followup to my previous post:

Calculating Commuting Costs on Vancouver Island.

You can read the reasoning behind it, the methods and what not at the last post… this is simply a continuation showing costs of commuting to Victoria. Again, given the rapidity of the rise happening, and going to happen in the future… the only realistic option is to get people out of their cars altogether and onto transit. And that means renewed rail on the E&N.

Please, show your support, and go to … push senior levels of government to invest in the E&N and make it a viable alternative for people, and for industry and business.

Click on the images below to see the movies of rising gas prices. First is the “High Mileage”, 4.2L/100KM (55mpg) scenario. Second is the “Low Mileage” 10.7L/100KM (22mpg, which is also the US national average).
Victoria High Mileage scenario

Victoria Low Mileage scenario