New Study disproves Sun link to Climate Change

The BBC reports on a study to be published in the Proceedings A at the Royal Society.

It shows that for the last 20 years, the Sun’s output has declined, yet temperatures on Earth have risen.

“All the graphs [sun-link proponents] showed stopped in about 1980, and I knew why, because things diverged after that,” he told the BBC News website.
“You can’t just ignore bits of data that you don’t like,” he said.

(I went to the Royal Society website but it appears the study is not yet online)

Hopefully the entire report will be published in a publicly available place… but just the Summary would go a long way towards countering the cosmic ray theory. Hopefully this will also encourage other scientist to conduct similar studies.

The co-author had this to say about the cosmic ray theory.

I do think there is a cosmic ray effect on cloud cover. It works in clean maritime air where there isn’t much else for water vapour to condense around.

“It might even have had a significant effect on pre-industrial climate. But you cannot apply it to what we’re seeing now, because we’re in a completely different ball game

So perhaps further studies can be done to nail down that pre-to-post industrial change on the cosmic ray effect on cloud cover (which is said to cool the earth).

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