Nov 15 Storm in Port Alberni

So yesterday we had a real ripper of a storm here in Beautiful BC. It hit most of the Southern Coast of the province including Vancouver, Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Hardest hit seems to have been my own town of Port Alberni. There were trees falling everywhere, 105km/h winds on my weather station branches being ripped off and flying down the street. 113mm (about 4.44in) of rain fell in about 12 hours and flooded rivers, streets, and homes.

Here are some pictures and I even uploaded some video to YouTube.


picture of many branches on road

picture of branches on road from a single tree
same street picture of more branches covering road

picture of dogwood tree fallen against side of house

picture taken from top of 3rd Ave

another picture taken from top of 3rd Ave

And here is the video… YouTube… power to the people! 🙂

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