Nov 15, Worse than the Tsunami – Boil Water Advisories

Multiple reports from people who were in Port Alberni in 1964 have indicated that the November 15 events were worse and have caused more damage than even the famous Tsunami that hi Port Alberni after the giant earthquake in Alaska in 1964.

The has the best coverage of the events. Including a photo gallery.

The storm was certainly like nothing I had ever seen or experienced in the Valley. It was as if I was out fishing again and we were in the worst possible storm. The house was shaking, you couldn’t see 10 feet in front of you for the wind and sheets of rain… then there were the branches flying through the air.

One of our neighbours lost their entire south-facing fence. Our small fence was also blown over… as was part of another neighbours fence. My parents lost 1 large and very alive spruce tree (uprooted) and one already-dead dogwood.

The destruction along the highway has been phenomenal as well… hundreds of downed trees from Port Alberni to Parksville. Especially in the Whiskey Creek area. Yesterday as I was driving through there were still dozens of trees leaning precariously against Hydro wires. BC Hydro still has a ton of work to do.


And then there are the Boil Water Advisories. Entire cities and regions have been affected.

The storm was severe for sure, but one really must wonder if inappropriate logging practices in our Watersheds are making things even worse. (and there is a lot of evidence floating around local web boards)

Cities affected:
Courtney/Comox (now lifted)
Port Alberni (still in effect)
and all of the Greater Vancouver (still in effect) Regional District

Those are all the ones that I have heard, no doubt there are more around the Island and Province.

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