Hotter than Hades – Climate Change vs. Global Warming.

So is this Global Warming?

More precisely… is this Climate Change?

We’ve set a number of temperature records in British Columbia over the past few days. My weather station at Alberni recorded a maximum of 41.1C on Friday (21st) and over 38C yesterday in the City of Port Alberni. Both would be records if they were measured by Environment Canada… But even so.. the Environment Canada station at the Alberni airport measured a record of over 38C on Friday and 37.8 yesterday.

So… what does it all mean? (Aside from it being almost unliveable in our non-air conditioned house).

Well, personally, I don’t like the terms “Global Warming” per-se. While that may be happening on a global level, it’s very hard to perceive for the average human being like you and me.

I would rather call it, “Climate Change”. While the term is more vague, I think it’s actually more accurate because this “warming” causes not only stifling heat… but also more rain… more hurricanes, more tornadoes, different weather patterns, drier, wetter, windier, or more still, more snow in the winter… or less… more sun in the summer… or less. It all depends where you live on the Earth. We in the “West” really only see what happens locally in Europe, and North America….

but there could be greater monsoons in India, or stronger Typhoons in Japan and Australia.

Oh, wait… that *is* happening.

Climate Change is here folks. We need only look out our own windows to see that…

Have humans caused it? I certainly think so. (I had seen plenty of real, undeniable, scientific evidence *before* I saw “The Inconvenient Truth”… but I also did see that movie, and I would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone. It lays out the facts in very very obvious and indisputable ways.)

Anyway, I’m going to go get a drink of water… and finish hanging out the laundry.

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