Israel strikes Lebanese Army barracks – Peak Oil continues

The BBC reports that 11 Lebanese soldiers were killed today when the barracks in Beirut were bombed.

As the Lebanese military has played no part in these hostilities (and in fact, the Israelis are calling for the Lebanese to “take control” of their southern border… then it defies all logic why these barracks would be targeted and attacked.

As if it didn’t have enough reason already, Lebanon now has a truly legitimate reason to ask for International assistance to *PUNISH* Israel and expel Israeli troops from Lebanese territory.

Yes, there is a UN resolution that is supposed to be upheld by the Lebanese to disarm Hezbollah… however, much like in Afghanistan, this is an impossible proposition for the central government because it has very little control or influence in the southern areas of Lebanon where Hezbollah exists in strength.

An International peace keeping force… backed up by strong military hardware and a strong resolution citing “serious consequences” using “all necessary means” to keep Syria, Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran at bay is needed.

Of course… need… and reality.. are two different things. The United States has made it clear they wouldn’t support such a thing. But how many bets that something like that *would* pass if, say, Russia/China supported the US on Iran sanctions?

Meanwhile, Oil prices continue to rise. The spigots are wide open… oil simply cannot be pumped any faster… so any hint of tension anywhere in the world that might affect the oil supply will inevitably lead oil traders to bid up the price of oil.

Welcome to the new, peak oil, world.

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