An Iranian talking about War with US

I have an Iranian friend with whom I often chat online. She’s a recent immigrant to Vancouver from Iran. She is studying at one of the Universities here. Now that classes are over, she is headed back to Iran to visit family and friends. (Her parents have immigrated here as well).

Our conversation veered today to talk about what Iranians back home think about the possibility of War with the US, or a US bombing campaign against nuclear sites.

Here is something she said that really caught my attention and made me think that it should be heard by more people than just me.

A: the last time war happened in Iran that was the best thing for the new governemt because it was a source reason for whatever they did with people

A: even they people who have lost their kids by their givernment
prefer to have this government but dont have US bombing

Please read the entire thing, it is verbatim except for one [] section where I explain, to you, what I was thinking…

Here is our conversation is below the fold (click more)

A: have u heard of anything which might be related to war?
Me: well, not any more than what has been on the news
Me: about the plans for destroying the nuclear sites in iran and stuff.
Me: it’s really quite insane that it is even being considered! Iran hasn’t done anything WRONG!
A: hum
Me: I think the US will start to bomb Iran next year
A: I read in July they may start doing somehing like that
A: Pentagon may start something
Me: ya, I think it might not be quite that soon… but who knows. could be anytime really.

Me: where did you read that?
A: see this animation
A: i will give u the link of news right now

Me: interesting
Me: ya, I don’t think they will use nuclear weapons even President Bush isn’t that stupid.
A: not the big ones
Me: i don’t think they’ll use nuclear “bunker busters” either. It would look very very bad for them, nobody would vote for them. and that’s all they care about… votes…
A: yeah
A: they may use the same sort of things
A: they did for other places, which had some weak radioactive materials
Me: ya depleted Uranium they’ll use lots of that I’m sure
A: yeah
A: and I have no idea
Me: apparently they will be testing one of the largest non-nuclear bombs ever tested in August.
A: what s going to happen, and what I am doing
Me: in Nevada outside Las Vegas
Me: I would be very worried about your friends and family
A: and now there is a sort of discussion between US and Russia
Me: ya
A: for some weapons that Russia sells Iran
A: yeah, things are bad
Me: I think Russia will try to stay on Irans side… or be neutral
A: yeah they said we will do it like small babies but I think when Rice went to Iraq they had good chat with iranian guys
Me: ya
A: and both side know what they r doing
Me: ya, you are more optimistic than me, I think the Iranian side knows what they are doing. I don’t think the US side does… I think they think a war, or bombing, is the only solution.
A: if war happens that is the best thing for Iran government, which isnt what Bush says he wants
Me: heheh.. ya, I don’t think Bush realizes that war would be the best thing for Iran. I think Bush thinks that if the US bombs Iran, then the Iranian people would suddenly overthrown the Iran government.
Me: do you think that would happen?
A: the last time war happened in Iran that was the best thing for the new governemt because it was a source reason for whatever they did with people
A: I dont think so
Me: i didn’t think you would
Me: I think that’s Bush’s mistake, he thinks Iranians will try to change Iran government after bombing.
Me: that’s so wrong.
A: because It is true that the governemnt isnt fair enough, but bombing isnt fair too.
A: exactly
Me: I would have the same reaction
Me: I think most people would
A: i prefer to go there and die rather than paying tax for these things
A: yeah, most of the people are like this
Me: exactly
A: and many belives there wont be war, the people out of iran are more worried
Me: I think maybe because Iranians don’t want war? they had war with Iraq, they know what war is
Me: Americans don’t know what war is.
A: yea exactly
Me: ya
A: hmmm, and destrying and building isnt a good solution
Me: nope
A: and Iran is not Iraq or afghanistan
Me: not at all!
Me: much stronger.
i think iran would fight back but not with missiles or stuff like that. [with Hezbolla or insurgent support in Iraq]
A: you know it s so confusing
Me: it is. very. there are so many different aspects
A: even they people who have lost their kids by their givernment
prefer to have this government but dont have US bombing
Me: of course they would.
Me: people just want to live, and work and play
Me: they don’t want to die
A: yeah
Me: bombing is going to kill you a lot faster than any bad government, even if that government kills children
A: yeah……..
Me: it is terrible. people who are in power don’t think of the people they kill
they think it’s ok to kill a few people, as long as their goal is met
A: there was a sentence with one of these famous dictators
A: he said when you kill someone it is killing but when you kill millions it is just a statistics
Me: it’s very true
A: I can not remember his name
A: so I am going there[Iran], I have planned to see some places there and as many people as I can because I dont know about later
Me: a good idea
Me: well, if there is a positive side… I think the US can not invade Iran that would be impossible
Me: they will only be able to bomb it
A: yeah, no invasion
Me: so hopefully there will not be too many people killed, just people inside the nuclear/military plants and stuff
A: I dont know how they think they can invade tehran
Me: they couldn’t they don’t have a big enough army to even cross the border from Afghanistan or Iraq
A: yeah but if they just bombor those places, that means alot
Me: ya
A: this animation shows Isfahan, it is the 3th biggest city in iran
Me: no matter what happens. a lot of iranians will die… and I think a lot of Iraqis and Afghans and US will die in Iraq and Afghanistan too
A: yeah
A: so the economy stays alive
Me: I am trying to tell people.. through my blog… to get Canadas troops out of Afghanistan before the US bombs Iran
A: what s ur blog address? I havent seen it
Me: I don’t want Canada there anymore. We will die too, and I don’t want our soldiers killing any more Afghans… and certainly not any Afghans or Iraqis or Iranians
A: big blog!!
A: yeah, that s true
Me: heheh.. ya, it is fun
A: hey, would it be OK if I post our conversation here on the blog? No names or anything…
Me: what you said I think is very important.
A: yeah sure I will add ur weblog to mine, mine isnt big

Her blog is here, it has some excellent poetry in English and Farsi.

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