Google Places of the Day: Feb 24, 2006

We all know pictures make the “news” more interesting… so I got to thinking… I like to cover “International” topics… so maybe my readers would appreciate a Google’s eye view of the days events.

So here are the four main topics I’ve been tracking today… clicking the picture will take you to Google Maps.

#1: Continuing reaction in Iraq

Fierce streetfighting at my doorstep for the last 3 hours. Rumor in the neighbourhood is that men in black are trying to enter the area.

due to the bombing of this Mosque in Iraq.

Al-Askariya Mosque

#2: The attempted bombing of this Saudi Oil refinery.

Guards opened fire on at least two cars carrying explosives as they tried to ram the gates. Two guards were killed.

Abqaiq Refinery

#3: The Canadian Men won Olympic Gold in Curling at Turin today.

The 25-year-old skip [Brad Gushue] and his St. John’s-based rink of third Mark Nichols, second Russ Howard and lead Jamie Korab scored six in the sixth end to propel themselves to a 10-4 win over Finland in eight ends in the gold medal game on Friday in Pinerolo, Italy.

Pinerolo Italy

#4: Sticking to the Canadian theme (sort-of)… Ancient Giant Beavers found in Inner Mongolia, China.

Castorocauda was preserved in exquisite detail, flattened in sediments at the bottom of an ancient lake. Hair impressions surround the body, which includes a 20-centimetre-long flat, beaver-like tail.

Inner Mongolia

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