The Sound of Civil War

Last night I posted the commentary of an Iraqi in Baghdad, but I missed an audio file that he had also posted.

Listen to It he recorded it from his home… on his cellphone.

Here is his original written account.

Also today, reaction from a woman in Basra. Through a contact in the US.

Here — I mean in my area — is much more quiet than that. But last night around 7:30pm, we went out to buy some food. We saw strangers on the streets. They were wearing all black clothes with scarves on their heads in a strange way. [These were probably militia, not jihadis]

Fayrouz describes it like so…

Best Description of The Iraqi Situation:

“Everybody seems to be imprisoned in their own sectarian or political affiliations. They don’t seem to be able to rise above these things.”

— Adnan Al-Pachachi

I could have not said it better than Al-Pachachi. This has been Iraqis problem for many centuries. I don’t believe it will diminish in the near future.

Christopher Allbritton at Back to Iraq has had enough with the US Administrations “head in the desert sand” attitude.

In Washington, the State Department insisted that US policy in Iraq was succeeding and denied that political negotiations had collapsed, only that they had paused. “Come on, let’s not blow this out of proportion,” said spokesman Adam Ereli.

Enough already. Shut your mouths; you people in Washington have caused enough damage already.

Indeed… what Americans, and Iraqis, deserve now is honesty. Of course, they’ve always deserved. I just happen to think that the situation in Iraq will soon demand it… or they will demand the withdrawal of foreign troops. I expect the latter to happen before the former.

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