Iraqi Elections underway

Frankly, the Canadian election is boring, and fairly inconsequential.

That can’t be said for Iraq.

Today Iraqis will be voting for their first permanent, representative and Democratic government since Saddams’ Baath party took over the country 40 years ago.

Iraqis know the process of democracy. They are familiar with the British-Commonwealth style of government (which was imposed during the British colonial days early in the last century) , they simply have never had a truly representative government.

Today, that will hopefully change. Turn-out is, apparently, good so far. Even in Sunni Arab areas of the country. We can only hope that this translates into a parliament that represents all Iraqi cultures and ethnic groups.

As was the case during the constitutional referendum, security has been boosted to unprecendented levels. No cars in the streets and highways, all borders are closed… the effect has been good. All is relatively quiet. Lets hope it stays that way for the duration of the voting period.

Throughout the day, I’ll be updating this post with links to reaction from Iraqi bloggers. You can check them out yourself through the blogrolls going down the left side of murkyview.

Cheers! And good luck and good governance to the people of Iraq!


Some reaction from Iraqi bloggers.

The “Citizen of Mosul” has this realisation, that all people in true democracy must feel at some point.

The result will appear at the end of this month as expected, but we all know for sure who will win and why. If you ask me why I vote, while I know the result in advance ?

It is because of an e-mail I received from an American friend telling me his feeling when he face a similar situation, he said:
” Now it seems certain that my vote will be for the losing side. I find that incredibly frustrating.
Even so, I will vote. I will lose, but I will vote.”

I feel just as he felt, and I decided to do what he did, so I voted. Thank you my friend.

If only more people thought that way…

Young Nabil is happy to be able to vote:

I felt very happy when I voted because its the first time that I actually vote, I love being 18 because it gives you alot of things……

A Star From Mosul has a great picture of her proud Grandfather after he voted.

Iraq the Model has a huge post rounding up reports from around Iraq. It’s almost universally positive. It’s hard to find a negative comment in the entire thing which is about 10 pages long!

And finally, Treasure of Baghdad has some very uplifting words to say about the meaning of this election for Iraqis. He is often one of the more critical voice in the Iraqi blogosphere, so it is very nice to hear him be so obviously overwhelmed with pride for his country.

He even sings for us the Iraqi National Anthem:

My homeland….

Glory, beauty, sublimity, and magnificence in your hills

Life, safety, happiness, and hope in your air

Will I see you rise, safe, flourished, profitable, and dignified?

Will I see you rise reaching the Simak (a name of a specific start), my homeland?

My homeland.. The youth will not give up. Their goal is to achieve independence,

or they die

We don’t fear death and will not be slaves to the enemy

We don’t not want an everlasting humiliation and a miserable lifeWe don’t want that.

Instead, we will restore our immortal glory

My homeland….Sword and the pen, not words and conflicts, are our symbols

Our glory, vows, and sense of responsibility are our motivations

Our strength is an honorable aim and a waving flag

Bless you in your sublimity, defeating your enemies

My homeland….

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