It’s just a body count stupid

who cares if there are real people involved.

30,000 Iraqis

2100 American soldiers

apparently they are roughly equal in importance… or at least worth a laugh (the transcript of Bushs’ address today).

Q Since the inception of the Iraqi war, I’d like to know the approximate total of Iraqis who have been killed. And by Iraqis I include civilians, military, police, insurgents, translators.

THE PRESIDENT: How many Iraqi citizens have died in this war? I would say 30,000, more or less, have died as a result of the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis. We’ve lost about 2,140 of our own troops in Iraq.


Q Mr. President, thank you —

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll repeat the question. If I don’t like it, I’ll make it up. (Laughter and applause.)

And watch this video report out of San Diego:

There’s controversy over how the military is transporting the bodies of service members killed overseas, 10News reported.
A local family said fallen soldiers and Marines deserve better and that one would think our war heroes are being transported with dignity, care and respect.

Many are arriving as freight on commercial airliners — stuffed in the belly of a plane with suitcases and other cargo.

I have nothing to add.

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