US Ambassador Wilkins, a closet Liberal Lover

I had an epiphany last night… just after I finished blowing off some steam, it came to me.

Maybe this is all part of a Grand Plan.

Maybe Ambassador Wilkins and the US Administration are doing this for a reason *other than* (or in addition) to supremely annoy a large portion of us Hosers up North.

Anyone who watches Canadian politics closely (and obviously the Administration is doing that), knows that according to the thought process of most Canadians… the current Conservative party are America-lovers…. Stephen Harper is a close political cousin to Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney…. and so on and so forth with the ever more fun conspiracy theories.

We also know that when Canadians get patriotic… they think of that big Red Liberal banner… there’s no better than the Natural Governing party of Canada to cure a little Canadian angst.

So what the heck am I talking about? Well, maybe, just maybe… this is the biggest turn about we’ve ever seen in Canadian politics. Maybe, just maybe, Paul Martin and the PMO are playing this up with the help of the Americans to solidify his support based on the easy-to-enflame anger with American arrogance and meddling…

What better way to show Paul Martin, Mr. Dithers himself, has some backbone, than to show him off “schooling” our southern neighbours?

Have I stepped into the realm of tin-foil-hattedness? Probably… my apologies, i only got 4 hours sleep last night…

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