Green Party leader on the National Dec 14

In what appears to be some sort attempt to placate the complaints of the Green Party not being in the Debate, Jim Harris has been invited to participate in a “town hall” style event on the National on Wednesday, December 14. (hattip: Green Canuck)

It will air during the regular National broadcast, likely after the news portion… so it should start between the :20 and :45 portions.

If you would like to hear what the Other National Party has to say, tune in… and be sure to spread the word so that as many people as possible can be properly informed about all their choices.

It looks like this is Jim Harris’ chance to prove himself. I’m willing to bet that if he performs well in this segment, and his party manages the same, or better, support during the election as last time, the CBC will support him to be included in the debates next time around. That said, I’m still fighting to get him into *this* years debate.

After this segment airs if I still feel the same way about the Green Party I will redouble my efforts to make the Media establishments life miserable for not including him in this years debates.

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