Green Party targets Alberta

How’s this for mythbusting.

“The Green Party believes that Calgary is the Green capital of Canada, with eight per cent of the popular vote, which is the second highest percentage in Canada, which is something that no one really expected,” MacGillivray said. “But here we are with people that really understand what it means to be Green.”

Indeed, as the CBC Alberta report says, the Greens outpolled the NDP, in many ridings in Alberta.

So again, why is the Green Party not included in the debates and the NDP is?

And for those that say “but why don’t they just pool all their resources into one riding so they can win a seat??”. Because that’s not how you build a National Party. The Green Party is doing it from the grassroots.. and it’s apparently working.

In related news, there will soon be an official announcement from my riding (Nanaimo-Alberni) on the Green Parties candidate. He happens to have recently moved here from.. you guessed it, Calgary.

Don’t forget to Sign the Petition to get the Jim Harris into the Debate.

And Contact the media and Email your Questions for the Green Party at the Debate

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