CBC patronizes Green Party law suit

In true 500-pound gorilla fashion, The CBC has posted an article on the Green Party “threatening another lawsuit” due to its’ exclusion from the Debate.

The party was snubbed in the 2004 debates, but never followed through with lawsuit threats.

That’s of course because the Green Party had absolutely no money to be able to do such a thing.

And this time around, I think the Green Party would rather use its’ $1 Million in the way it was intended, for their campaign, not on legal action against the Establishment.

I will give the CBC credit… at least they posted an article. There is nothing doing on the CTV or other Canadian media sites.

See my post on why the Greens should be included here

EDIT: I’ve changed the Petition to the Official Green Party petition being created and used by the Green Party itselfIt doesn’t matter if you’re not going to vote for them. In fact, it’s better if you didn’t!

All that matters is that the Elections process is as fair as possible.

To that end, a new online Petition has been created:

Sign the petition (@the Green Party Website).

Here’s the Contact information for the major media outlets:

The CBC:
Phone: 1-866-306-4636
Or web/email: http://www.cbc.ca/contact/index.jsp

Radio-Canada Nouvelles (news):
Phone: 1-888-306-4636
email: http://www.radio-canada.ca/nouvelles/pourNousEcrire/

Phone: (416) 332-5000 (Ontario)

Global (Corporate):
Phone: (204) 956-2025 (Manitoba)
email: viewerrelations@globaltv.ca

Global National TV
email: globalnational@canada.com