New Petition Created: Green Party in Debate

EDIT: I’ve changed the Petition to the Official Green Party petition being created and used by the Green Party itselfIt doesn’t matter if you’re not going to vote for them. In fact, it’s better if you didn’t!

All that matters is that the Elections process is as fair as possible.

To that end, a new online Petition has been created:

Sign the petition (@the Green Party Website).

I must emphasize. This is not a show of support for the Green Party. Rather, it is a show of support for what is fair and just in our democratic process. Elections Canada, and thus you, Joe and Jane Public, are funding 5 political parties during this Election. Yet only 4 are participating in the debate.

Why let your money go to waste. You should have the opportunity to see your tax dollars on TV along with all the other parties.

But don’t stop there!

The Media needs to know and be reminded!

See my post here

Here’s the Contact information for the major media outlets:

The CBC:
Phone: 1-866-306-4636
Or web/email:

Radio-Canada Nouvelles (news):
Phone: 1-888-306-4636

Phone: (416) 332-5000 (Ontario)

Global (Corporate):
Phone: (204) 956-2025 (Manitoba)

Global National TV

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