Cars for Sale! 2002 Suzuki and 2004 Echo

We just can’t afford two cars. So, I’m putting both up for sale and hoping we get a good price for one of them.

As such, I’m putting up *both* our cars for sale. They are both in excellent condition. Running very well. Both have only highway miles. Both are Manual transmission 5 speed. Both are Silver. Both handle very well in all road conditions and have good tires (though the Echo is has more mileage, so will need tires in a year or so)

One is a 2002 Suzuki Aerio. It’s 4 doors… with a huge trunk! Awesome family car. I bought it because it seemed huge inside and yet it handled very well… like a sports car It sits up quite high for a sedan, makes it very sporty. It’s got a lot of pep in it, gets out of its’ own way in a hurry. It is quite good on gas (40mpg) as well. It has 48000KM… all highway and all but about 500KM put on before I bought it last August from Key West Ford in Vancouver.

One is a 2004 Toyota Echo. It’s 2 doors with hatchback. Perfect commuting car, excellent on gas. (50mpg). I have been commuting between Victoria and Nanaimo and Port Alberni and Nanaimo since I purchased it. That’s been 88000KM. It sounds the same as when I drove it off the lot! I’ve kept it very well maintained… at the Toyota Dealership. I swear by Toyota they make amazing vehicles, and this one is no different. The inside is giant, considering how small it looks on the outside. I’m 6’2″ tall and I have lots of leg and head room front and back seats! This Echo also has a trailer hitch as well as a bike/ski/snowboard rack. I’ll be honest.. there is one problem. It’s missing a hubcap. But I’ll happily replace it if it means you’ll buy the car at a good price!

Here is the Suzuki:


Unfortunately, I’ve never taken a picture of my little Echo, but it looks identical (minus a hubcap on the rear drivers side and a little road scum around the rims) to this one:


I’m open to all Offers

Suzuki: $9,000
Echo: $14,000

Leave a comment if you’re interested. Or email me at the address you see at the top-right of this page. chrisale @ mac dot com

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