DefenseTech on Canadian LAV rollover

DefenseTech has posted an excellent article out of the tragedy of the death of Canadian Soldier Pte. Braun Scott Woodfield when the LAV he was riding in flipped over on the road between Kabul and Kandahar.

There has been plenty of talk in the media about the “tippiness” of LAVs (and the US equivalent “Stryker”). Murdoc calls them out.. and argues:

Yes, the Stryker/LAV is probably a lot more prone to rolling than a tank. But, then, so is everything else. It’s this last point that usually is ignored or goes unmentioned.

There’s no doubt that the Strykers and LAVs have their downsides, but both the US and Canadian armies seem to be taking lessons learned and working hard to apply them to the real world.

But he ends on the most important point of all

Meanwhile, let’s not forget that though the US and Canada have had some differences of opinion on a lot of things lately, the Canadians have been in Afghanistan all along and are continuing to do a great job. Sometimes at great sacrifice.