A Diary from Baghdad

Treasure of Baghdad is, starting today, going to post his personal diary on his blog.

Given his first entry, I think it will be something definitely worth reading.

“We have to leave,” said my mother while we were watching the news. “This country is being destroyed and we cannot endure such life here,” she added. “Where can we go?” wondered my father who seemed didn’t like the idea. “We can rent the house and go live in Amman for some time at least,” she replied.

The way to Adhamiya used to be very clean, but not any more. Because of the lack of the services in Baghdad, people started throwing their garbage in the streets.
Baghdad was the capital of religion and power. It was the capital of Arabs, the golden age of Islam. Arab poetry was Iraqi poetry…. Baghdad is still Baghdad.” Shadid quoted Ghani in his book. “It made my tear fall when I read this part,” I told J2.

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