Slave trade in Iraq

Saw this disturbing report at a new (to me) Iraqi blog called Baghdad Dweller.

The smuggler, a 48-year-old Iraqi man, says that smuggling operations have now become more dangerous then ever, and that the proper attention needs to be given to the phenomenon, because the new generation of smugglers will deal with anything no matter what the consequences are. Initially smuggling operations dealt with weapons, gold, and alcohol and tobacco, but has recently extended to people and human organs.

“They recruit women by tempting them with jobs in neighboring Gulf countries. They then get the women a visa or a contract, but sometimes they actually marry them, and after entering the foreign country they are then forced to get involved in unlawful activities,” he added.

A source within the Iraqi police has confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat, that “human trafficking has been widespread lately, due to the circumstances that Iraqis live in today. The problem is not exclusive to gypsies and prostitutes but has also extended to university students”.

Human trafficking is not unusual even in Canada and the US. The problem, however, is that as the innadequate living and social conditions continue this is extending into the wider society of Iraq (like University students)…

Iraq Politics

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