Tel Aafar, Iraqi forces taking control?

Potentially good news from northern Iraq today.

Hammorabi, is reporting that Iraqi forces have been fighting insurgent and terrorist camps in Tel Aafar and have now apparently taken control of the city.

Tel Aafar remained for long time one of the strongest holds for the cockroaches from which many attacks perpetrated on the other areas. Hundreds of Shiite families expelled from their homes in Tel Aafar by the terrorists and migrated to live in temporary houses in Karbala and other regions.

I haven’t found word of whether US forces were involved but if they weren’t it’d be an encouraging example of the Iraqi national security forces finally taking control and having success.

One reply on “Tel Aafar, Iraqi forces taking control?”

  1. I’m glued to the TV all weekend watching Katrina aftermath news. But anyway, this might be as good as we’ve seen for awhile. I for one cannot wait for the Iraqis to be strong enough to take over the fight against the insurgents.

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