Canadian MPs pass Same Sex Marriage Legislation

Finally, after years of heated debate, we have some closure on the Same Sex Marriage debate in Canada.

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Last night, June 28, 2005 MPs in Canadas’ House of Commons passed Bill C-38, the bill legalizing Same Sex Marriage by a vote of 158-133. The debate was vigorous on all sides. The Conservatives, NDP and Liberals all had MPs who voted against the official party line. The Liberals even had one member of Cabinet, Joe Comuzzi the Minister of Northern Ontario, resign his post so that he could vote against the legislation.

I will not expand too much on the implications and reasons behind this vote because I think it has been debated enough.. but suffice it to say that our Members of Parliament in the House of Commons are elected to represent the wishes of the People of Canada.

This was a free vote in the House of Commons, meaning all MPs, save those in the Liberal Cabinet were technically free to vote against their party if they felt compelled to do so. And indeed, dozens of MPs did just that, on both sides of the floor.

In the end the result mirrored the position of Canadians.

It is my hope that as we move on from this and same-sex marriage becomes a reality across our great country, those who are opposed will come to understand that this was not about threatening the institutions that we know and value, but rather extending and strengthening them so that all Canadians can share their benefits.

Canadians should be proud of this accomplishment.

4 replies on “Canadian MPs pass Same Sex Marriage Legislation”

  1. Thank you, Canada. I hope the fact that the sky doesn’t fall up north will help remove the issue from American politics. One question: the Conservatives have pledged to repeal the legislation if they take office. Are they likely to have the votes to do that if they need the Bloc to form a government?

  2. If they are a minority and need the Bloc to form the government then no. The Bloc is pretty heavily left-wing, as far as I know, they were the only party not to have a single MP vote against the party line. So if the Bloc and Conservatives for a coalition, this legislation will be safe.

    Even if the Conservatives won a majority next January/February (which I think is quite unlikely) I think they’d have a hard time getting a repeal through. I don’t think they’d want to do anything that would piss off the majority of Canadians after finally gaining power some 15 years after their last taste of power.

  3. I think the Conservatives are just full of bluster. Once the passion around this issue dies down no one will worry about it. The conservatives, if they every gain power, would be wise to leave the issue in the past. Heterosexuals will realize that extending marriage rights doesn’t take anything away from them. In a few years I’m sure we’ll look back and think “I can’t believe same sex marriage used to be illegal?” This legislation strengthens the institution of marriages by making in inclusive of all people. Congrats to the gov’t for passing this important piece of legislation.

  4. I find it fairly implausable that Canadian conservatives will ever have the power to reverse this legislation. Once couples begin marrying legally etc, it would be too disturbing to Canadian society to suddenly “unmarry” couples. While I don’t agree with much of what passes for Canadian progressive social evolution, I do support the legalization of same sex marriage. It will take longer in the US but it will also happen here in due time.

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