Finding Farshid Faraji and the other Mafqud in Iraq

Farshid Faraji is an Iranian documentary filmmaker that has been travelling around the Middle East working on his latest project titled “In Search of Cyrus the Great”.

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His final destination was Babylon in the heart of Iraq. Unfortunately, after only a week in Iraq, he was arrested by US Forces and has effectively “disappeared”. There has been no word of him since his producer, who was also arrested, contacted his own family and informed them of what happened. Farajis family has not heard from him for nearly two months.

If you are American, I urge you to contact your Senator or Congressman and compel them to have the US Forces release more information on the whereabouts and conditions of Faraji and the many other men, Iraqi or otherwise, who have simply “disappeared” after being arrested by US or Iraqi forces.

There is a new online database at of names of people who have “disappeared” in Iraq since the invasion. Mafqud is Arabic for “Disappeared”.

These are people who are not on any US, Iraqi or ICRC list. They have simply vanished, and it seems that it is up to us to find them.

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