Minor (Major?) Redesign.

What kind I say.. I’m just a sheep following the herd. I saw this really cool tip on creating “mini-tabs” with CSS on my buddies blog at DigitalMediaMinute and couldn’t help but apply it here!

I really hate how WordPress (the software that makes this site possible) delivers everything via lists. Lists are so ugly. So this tip is perfect for turning those ugly lists into nice navigation bars!

My design skills are not exactly top notch, but I think having the Categories and Pages available across the top makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier to use than the endless lists down the sides of the page. You’ll also notice that there are less articles on the front page, and there is a search bar at the bottom so that you can search for anything in past articles that I’ve written.

So there you have it… Murkyview Style 2.0!

It’s been tested and works best in Firefox 1.x, Safari 1.x and 2.0, and Internet Explorer 6.

If you notice any problems with the site just let me know either through the comments or email.
Regular scheduled blogging will now resume!



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