France says NO to EU Constitution

Today, the French electorate voted in a Referendum on the EU Constitution. I’m not intimitely aware of the details of the constitution, but I am familiar the French mindset given that I’ve travelled there a number of times and my step-father is a self-proclaimed francophile.

The BBC’s article has some good information and links to the EU charter. They also have a “What Non means” article that’s worth reading.

From what I can tell this doesn’t spell the doom of the EU as such. I believe that the French understand that strong Europe that is unified monetarily and economically would be a benefit to them in the long term. However, they have made it clear that the constitution in its’ current form threatens their social network too greatly and must be recreated to address those concerns.

It is interesting that Germany ratified the treaty on Friday. Perhaps this is a function of the lagging German economy and the lingering effects of East and West Germanys’ rough ride to amalgamation.

Whatever happens todays vote is a milestone in the ongoing experiment that has been the EU. There will no doubt be more events to come. But first, we’ll see if Jaques Chiracs government survives this effective vote of non-confidence.

2 replies on “France says NO to EU Constitution”

  1. Here in france I must say things look pretty dark. As you said, this doesn’t spell the doom, but I’m extremely sceptical on how the leaders of the “NON” are going to work together, as early as tomorrow, to erect Europe. That’s is now the real question, and its answer will let us see if people that today reject the constitution can tomorrow assume their actions. (feel free to comment my latest post about it)

  2. Let’s not forget that “Chauvinism” is a French term. It will be interesting to see if Chirac can survive this defeat. My money says he will.

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