I do Declare, for the NDP

No, an election has not been called… but after yesterdays shenanigans and since there was a surprise non-confidence motion presented (but not yet discussed) in the House today, I think it is clear that a campaign, and election is imminent.

What’s more, the past week marked the start of an election campaign here in British Columbia. So, with all this political hankering going on, I figure I might as well declare my intentions.

I will be voting NDP in both the Federal and Provincial elections.

I will spell out my reasons and thoughts as time goes on. But for now I want to point you The Blogging New Democrats. A site put up by Robert over at MyBlagh to show support for the Federal New Democrats as they enter into what could be one of their best elections ever.

If you are interested in the Canadian Elections process, even if you’re not in the NDP camp, keep your eye on the the BND site as it hopefully grows into a nice repository of NDP bloggers.

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