Victoria has welcomed me

I’ve lived in Victoria BC, Canada for just over a year now.

It’s known as a city of the “Newlyweb and Nearly Dead”, and it’s very.. very.. British.

Anyway, last night my wife and I went to the Victoria Symphony. Great seats… 8 rows in, centre. They played the last night of the Proms. Some wonderful music. Canadian Odyssey… even Lord of the Rings. But the highlight of the night, and the reason, I’m sure for the full house, was the 2nd half. We started off with Pomp and Circumstance.. first humming then full on, full house singing. It was quite hilarious.

Then we continued with Colonel Bogey’s March. Much whistling ensued.

The conductor was, fittingly, of British decent and of quick wit and humour. At the very end we heard Jerusalem. The audience had all the words and they sang their hearts out.

The only thing that was missing was God Bless the Queen at the end… but, it was replaced in favour of Oh, Canada.

God Bless Victoria!

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