Saddams’ missing Anthrax found

You may remember one of the key justifications for war in Iraq were stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons that were “unaccounted for”. And thus obviously out there to be lobbed at Jerusalem…

well, the AP refered to a paragraph in the Iraqi Survey Group that apparently accounts for 1800 gallons of “missing” anthrax.

What pragraph you might ask?

I’ve found it for you (page 135 Vol-3):

ISG judges that in 1991 and 1992, Iraq appears to have destroyed its undeclared stocks of BW weapons and probably destroyed remaining holdings of bulk BW agent. However ISG lacks evidence to document complete destruction. Iraq retained some BW-related seed stocks until their discovery after Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

Dr. Rihab Rashid Taha Al ‘Azzawi, head of the bacterial program claims she retained BW seed stocks until early 1992 when she destroyed them. ISG has not found a means of verifying this. Some seed stocks were retained by another Iraqi offi cial until 2003 when they were recovered by ISG.

ISG is aware of BW-applicable research since 1996, but ISG judges it was not conducted in connection with a BW program.

Why am I beating this dead horse, you ask?

Well… because it seems that there are many many people out there who still believe the propaganda that the US Administration was spouting before the Iraq war. There are *still* people who believe that Saddam helped in some way with 9/11. There are *still* people who believe Saddam had active chemical and bio weapons programs in 2003.

The fact is that all of that is untrue. And it has been PROVEN false by the Administrations own studies.

I can only hope that by pointing out, bit by bit, the incontrovertible evidence of the Administration admitting its’ own wrongdoing perhaps those who still believe in them will realise their mistake and see them for the self-serving liars that they are.

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