US Fish and Safari Service?

This is just too disturbing.

The Bush Administration has named Matthew J. Hogan, a former lobbyist for Safari Club International, the new acting head of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Here is a tagline from an SCI promotion:

Make a Life-long commitment to protect your freedom to hunt. SCI is “First for Hunters and Second to None”…

And if you want a really good idea of this groups concept of “conservation”, check out the Virtual Tour of their “International Wildlife Museum

You can go and see “a spectacular full mount of the extinct Passenger Pigeon.”

And in the Conservation area you can see “three of the five rhinoceros species including two full mounts of the white rhinoceros”.

Cheers to Pogge and Peace, Order and Good Government, eh?, who said it best.

We really have woken up in Bizarro World!

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