European Pics, blah blah blah Da Da Da

I combo-post.

First. You’ll notice a plethora of new links on the left. I’ve finally redone my European excursion pics with the new viewer that I’ve been usinf for Jade. Feel free to peruse if you would like.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Spring! Yay! The weather is warming up out here, and the flowers are blooming. Jade hasn’t had to wear a jacket the past few times, just a rain coat to keep the droplets off!

Jade is presenting new and strange challenges to us everyday! On the weekend she decided that she liked the sound of her own voice. Lots of “Da!, Gla!, Ba!, Ba!, Ma, Ma!!”. At 100dB of course.

For now, it’s incredibly cute. I can forsee a time when both parents have headaches and short patience when the yelling might get a little trying. Luckily she always does it with a big smile on her face. Or at least that funny little stern look of concentration that she is so good at.

She is also sitting very well now! I have pictures, and a movie. I need to add them to my database and pop them up here. Should happen tonight.

Other than that, her 1st birthday is fast approaching. Theresa goes back to school the day before, on May 9th. We’re frantically arranging childcare options. It’s sure tough… but we’ll do OK I’m sure. Everything always seems to work out in the end.

See you all again soon!


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