Rice cannot be President

I’ve thought for a long time that the 2008 Presidential race would be between Condi Rice and Hillary Clinton.

Indeed, there is hardly a week that goes by when the topic isn’t raised in either the MSM or the Blogosphere.

However, the two links above have made an interesting case for why Rice will *not* be a legitimate candidate for President.


  1. She’s never run in an election.
  2. She has never been married or had children

Now in the States there is always much more emphasis put on the personal life of a President when compared to the attitudes of Canadians vis-a-vis their Prime Ministers. This is probably due to the “singular” role of the President as head of the Executive Branch and Head of State. He or She must represent both the values and the direction of the United States.

I don’t think Condis’ lack of electoral experience would play too much of a role in her getting or not getting the nomination. But after reading these articles, perhaps there is something to the notion that America simply isn’t ready to have a single, black, professional woman at the helm. Is that just breaking down too many walls all at once?

Politically, I would of course be horrified if Condi were elected President. But socially, it could signal a very very poignant change in American attitude. Combined with Hillarys’ nomination, we would see undeniable proof that the American establishment was ready to accept a woman as Commander-In-Chief. A Black** American as head of the Union and “Leader” of the Free World? A single, career, woman representing the values of Middle America?

The articles above make the case that this is simply too big a pill to swallow. I tend to agree with them now… but seriously, it’s only 2005. 3 years is a long time, and the cliche holds true… anything can happen.

**I avoid the term “African-American” because in reality they are still considered by a large number of Americans as “black people”, like Michael Moore stated so powerfully in Bowling for Columbine… and like we saw proven again in Atlanta with Brian Nicholls.

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