Al-Sistani for Nobel Peace Prize

Abbas Khadim and over 15,000 (updated 9AM PST Mar 9/05) other people have signed an online petition recommending that Iraqi Shia leader Al-Sistani be awarded the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

I thought about this for awhile… and thought about all the people who have won or have been nominated in the past. Everyone from Bush 1 and 2, to Yasser Arafat, Adolf Hitler, and Canada’s own Lester B. Pearson.

The gamut is wide. The reasons, varied.

No matter what Al-Sistanis final goals in Iraq really are, he has unquestionably been a huge factor in the emergence of a stable Iraqi government from the chaos of the invasion.

He has consistently preached moderation rather than radicalism. Negotiation over violence. He has reigned in the likes of Al-Sadr and his militia.

He has worked with the Kurds to form a stable, representative government and invited the Sunnis to the table for talks on the Constitution even though they have no representation in the Iraqi parliament itself.

When you look at this man who is secretive and overtly public all at the same time, you are forced to concede that he has weilded his power in such a way that has limited the violence in Iraq, and promoted the participation of all groups in an equal democratic process.

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  1. Chris, Good suggestion. I’ve been very impressed with Sistani’s quiet authority. He seems to be a very wise man.

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