March Update

Well, we’re into March and there are new pictures up in Jades’ Picture section.

Jade is almost 10 months old!!
Since she got back from New Brunswick she’s been like a different baby every few days! She’s much more vocal. Lots of blowing bubbles and yelling and singing and growling. She still only has two bottom teeth, but it seems the rest are on their way. She’s finally sitting up more now and she can officially roll over from her back to her tummy at will. That only happened this weekend! I kind of think it was because the Nurse who visits Jade threatened to put her in a physiotherapy class if she didn’t situp and rollover properly by the end of the month. No Physio for Jade now! 😀

I think we’re nearing the dreaded Mobility Threshold. You know, that point where they go from cute yet spastic roller, to terror on legs (and arms).

Anyway, I must go, enjoy the pictures, there will be more when I get some from Grandmas camera.

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