RCMP tragedy

I’ll have some posts later today.

I just wanted to quickly pay my respects to the 4 Royal Canadian Mounted Police who were shot and killed yesterday while investigating a marijuana grow-op in northwest Alberta. These were also all junior officers, one only having been on the Force for 2 weeks.

This is the worst tragedy to hit the RCMP since they were the NorthWest Mounted Police over 100 years ago.

May they rest in peace and be honoured for their duty and sacrifice.

Their comrades will continue to serve our country with pride and honour as they have since its’ birth.


CBC News Online has a fine site honouring RCMP officers killed in the past.


From MyBlahg, the RCMP Commissioner’s statement:

It is with profound sadness that I confirm that four RCMP members were killed today in service to our country. It is an unprecedented and unspeakable loss. It is a loss far greater than any of us ever want to contemplate, let alone have to acknowledge.

These four sworn members of the RCMP represent the commitment and dedication of all those who work to protect our citizens and communities. Today they went to work not knowing that on this day they would be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Over the past 24 hours, in the small town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, four men were added to the rolls of the fallen.

There is no real way to express the sorrow and grief that so many will experience in the face of this tragedy.

We can only stand beside the families and loved ones of these brave officers. We can only do our best to understand. To use our hearts and minds to help us accept what has happened.

And yet our work continues, as it must. Today, as every day, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police – alongside local and provincial police forces, with all of our 60,000 men and women officers and in partnership with others in criminal justice, community organizations and government – recommit ourselves to facing and dealing with the criminal activity, violence and corruption that puts our society at risk.

Today the RCMP continued its vigilant effort to detect and dismantle illicit drug manufacturing. And to without stint respond to the call for a drug free Canada.

We know that these are the most serious of challenges, made complicated by the involvement of organized crime, the availability of weapons and the risks posed by individuals who choose the path of violence and destruction over peace and good.

And today we recognize with gratitude and respect that four of our own paid the highest price to fight this fight, to make Canada a safer place for all. With our terrible sadness in loss comes pride too – that such commitment exists, that such promises are kept.

On behalf of the RCMP and the entire police community, I extend our deepest sympathies to the families of these fallen members and to everyone touched by this terrible tragedy.

Our community, our country, grieves with you and commits that we will never forget.

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  1. My condolences to the RCMP. Loss of brave, good men who are willing to sacrifice to serve their people is always heart-rendering.

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