Richard Perle interview

A Daily Briefing on Iran has an interview with Richard Perle.

He’s no longer directly employed by the US Administration… but you can bet he knows what’s going on, and he still has plenty of influence in the circles of power.

Some choice quotes:

The attitude in France and Germany today is reminiscent of their attitude toward Ronald Reagan’s policy to end the Cold War.
Their underestimation of and hostility to Bush and his policies are as misguided as it was with Reagan.

If the only way we can prevent the Iranians from acquiring a nuclear weapon is to take military action against their production facilities, then the U.S. must do so.

Joy… looks like the question is not “if” but “when” miliary action will happen.

On a related note, ADBOI is reporting that Irans’ regime is starting to mobilise and publicise its’ preparations for a possible US invasion.

But will Iranians fight?

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